Care & Maintenance

Effective with products delivered on or after January 1, 2014

John Ralph, Inc. (JR) takes great care to supply its customers with furniture that performs trouble-free for many years. To ensure that your natural wood, laminate, metal and stone surfaces stay looking like new for their full warranty period and beyond, please follow these simple care and maintenance recommendations. For surfaces that require special attention due to misuse or damage, contact John Ralph.


Your solid wood and veneered furniture is coated with a durable catalyzed lacquer or polyurethane finish, and requires very little maintenance. It is important to protect your furniture from prolonged exposure to water, hot objects, chemicals and direct sunlight. Wiping the wood surfaces frequently with a soft, dry or damp cloth is the best way to prolong the luster of the finish. To clean wood surfaces, use a damp cloth with mild household detergent. Wipe thoroughly with a clean damp cloth.

Occasional use of a quality furniture polish may be used. John Ralph recommends Guardsman® Anytime Clean & Polish.

You should avoid products that contain silicone, such as Pledge®, as these compounds can make it difficult or impossible to refinish the furniture later if necessary. Avoid wax products or heavy applications of oil as this may create a film that is difficult to remove. Do not use abrasive or caustic cleaners such as bleach or acetone.


Quality high pressure laminate (HPL) is frequently used to create a durable and maintenance-free top surface for case furniture. Wiping laminate surfaces with a soft, damp cloth is all that is required for everyday cleaning.

For more difficult stains, John Ralph recommends following the HPL manufacturer’s Care and Maintenance Instructions. Click here for an example from Wilsonart® Laminate.

It is important that you do not allow any caustic or abrasive cleaners recommended by the HPL manufacturer to contact any of the wood surfaces that may surround an HPL surface.


Natural stone, such as marble and granite, as well as man-made surfaces, such as quartz and ceramic tile, make beautiful and durable top surfaces for case furniture. For daily cleaning, a soft, damp cloth with mild household detergent is sufficient.

For deeper cleaning and occasional stone polishing, John Ralph recommends InvisaBLOCK™ Premium Stone Cleaner and Silk Premium Stone Polish.

While stone surfaces are very durable and resistant to heat and most household cleaners, it is important to avoid abrasive and caustic cleaners, as they may damage the clear finish that seals the stone.


Care for your metal furniture components, such as case bases or chair frames, depends on the type of metal that is used, whether stainless steel, brass, copper, or coated metal. Wiping metal surfaces with a soft, damp cloth is all that is required for everyday cleaning.

Quality stainless steel and coated metals are generally resistant to corrosion, however exposure to salty air, chlorinated water, or other caustic chemicals such as bleach, may affect metal surfaces.

For deep cleaning or occasional polishing of stainless steel, brass, copper, chrome, pewter and bronze, a mild stainless steel cleaner or polish may be used to restore the metal to its original appearance. John Ralph recommends Brasso® Brass & Copper Polish found at most hardware supply stores. Always follow the polish manufacturer’s instructions.

Do not use bleach, acetone, chlorine or abrasive cleaners on stainless steel or any metal furniture components.


Furniture drawer glides and moving metal hardware such as door hinges come pre-lubricated for quiet and smooth operation. Use a quality silicone spray for occasional lubrication of hinges and drawer glide ball bearings. John Ralph recommends annual lubrication of all drawer glides. Use care not to over spray the product.


If you require additional help to clean or care for your furniture, please write or call JR Customer Service directly at:

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