We understand that your custom furniture supplier is a trusted partner, and we are happy
to answer any questions that you may have. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
All JOHN RALPH products identified under the requirements will be manufactured within compliance, as wall-anchored units. Third party testing for custom stability rating is also available.
The recently passed Sturdy Act legislation requires the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to adopt a standard of safety for free-standing clothing storage furniture, that ensures a 60 lb. child could not pull on a clothing storage unit 27″H or higher, tipping it over onto themselves causing injury. The CPSC adopted the ASTM-F2057-23 safety standard to meet the requirement. This standard applies to both retailers and wholesale or contract manufacturers of clothing storage furniture products. In short, units under the requirement must either be anchored/cleated to the wall, or when free-standing, outfitted with interlocks and counter weights as necessary to prevent tipping under the standard simulated load.

Although our lead time does vary, we typically deliver product 12 to 14 weeks after the receipt of the approved shop drawings and deposit. There are factors that affect the delivery in this time frame, such as timely receipt of c.o.m. materials, holidays, and changes to the order after placement. We also offer a quick-ship service for specified product that we can deliver in 8-10 weeks. Please ask for further information on this program if you need product quickly.

Our primary facility, with whom we have had a longstanding relationship, is in Southern Vietnam. We hold to a strict system of quality control that includes whitewood, pre-production and pre-finishing sample approval, and laying eyes on each piece before it is packed and loaded. The JOHN RALPH QC team in Vietnam is comprised of industry veterans with deep knowledge of both US and Asian custom hospitality furniture manufacturing.

JOHN RALPH furniture complies with all US safety laws and standards including: 
• CARB Phase II emissions compliance for composite materials such as plywood and MDF. 
• California TB117 flammability compliance for upholstery foams and fabrics. 
• Sustainable and responsible sourcing for all solid wood lumber and natural woven fibers. 
• STURDY Act stability compliance with available rating for free-standing clothing storage furniture. * * Stability rating is provided by a third-party testing facility. Lead time is dependent on availability. 

JOHN RALPH engineers and packages product to be out-of-the-box ready for install, and we will handle any necessary freight related problems in a timely manner. We realize that the furniture is the last item to be installed, and normally guests will be arriving soon after installation. Although freight damage is rare, due to our packaging standards, it does occur on occasion. Normally the damage is minor, and can be repaired on site by one of our repair technicians, however, in the event that the product must be replaced, we will do our best to provide the new product at no expense in a timely manner. With every order, we also provide custom color matched touch-up kits for minor repairs.

All JOHN RALPH products are protected by our 5-Year Limited Warranty, providing our clients with peace of mind. Please see our Warranty page for more information. 
We boast a manufacturing standard of construction and material durability that keeps our casegoods and seating items looking and functioning great, beyond the normal 10-12 year service life. Hospitality environments are hard on furniture, and we have had the pleasure of replacing our own furniture for scheduled vacation ownership renovations ten years later, and the furniture is still in great shape, able to be donated to organizations like Habitat for Humanity. 

JOHN RALPH was created to specifically address the custom needs of resorts and retirement facilities in 2013. The company personnel have been in the commercial furniture manufacturing business for many years, and have developed a unique ability to supply small and large quantities of custom made furniture, including seating, casegoods, dining and occasional furnishings in solid wood and metal, with virtually unlimited design options. unlimited design options.

In our view, particle board has limited application and suitability in a contract hospitality furniture product, which typically requires more strength, durability, and repairability than it is able to afford. For this reason, we do not use or recommend particle board for the commercial guestroom at all. MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) is a much denser, stronger, higher-quality, and often greener product that is very appropriate for various contract furniture applications. We make use of some MDF components because it frequently provides advantages over plywood or other solid wood choices (such as resistance to warping). All MDF edges are encased with solid wood, surfaces are veneered and fully sealed with finish.