About JR

Experience in Hospitality Furniture

Our team has been working in hospitality furniture manufacturing for over 20 years. Let us introduce you to them.


Owner and Director of Manufacturing, Mike has worked for over 25 years to form manufacturing partnerships and quality standards, making JR a trusted supplier.

Josh Scott's profile photo. Wearing black suit and standing in front of a wall mural in Preston, Idaho.


CFO and Operations Director, Josh manages logistical and service administration for every project, ensuring that clients are well informed, and that product arrives safely and on time.


CEO and Design Director, Matt is directly involved with the CAD engineering for each custom furniture design, overseeing specification through manufacturing.


Account Executive and Senior Estimator, Jon serves designers and procurement clients with value pricing for every project, maximizing design within target budgets.


Director of Market Development, Gayla works with clients to customize furniture programs that strategically meet their needs, forming long-term partnerships.


Heading up our Quality Control team in Vietnam, Silky and Mike B. together boast decades of experience in custom hospitality furniture manufacturing.

Family History

Our namesake, John Ralph Scott, got his start in the furniture business as a traveling sales rep in the 1970s. His son, Mike Scott, joined him in the mid 90s and branched out with his own hospitality furniture company, Natural Formations, shortly thereafter. What has made our business a success, is a legacy of integrity and honest customer service that John Scott aimed to uphold.

Photo from The Seattle Times, June 20, 1971

No matter how minor or petty it seems at the time,
don’t make promises unless you carry through…
If your clients know you mean every word,
you build up customers who stay with you.

J.R. Scott