Waltham, MA

Hotels and Resorts, Inland 2017

The Embassy Suites Hilton Waltham, is located in beautiful, historic Boston, Massachusetts. Within the spacious suites, the overall look of the standard unit case goods is cool and sophisticated with contemporary dark walnut finishes modified with a gray wash. Construction is durable with sturdy vinyl, stone, and metal.  The presidential suites feature more high-end custom metalwork in unique geometric shapes, accented by contrasting imported stone surfaces. The end result is refined and polished with modern features like built-in power and USB chargers.

Standard Units

Presidential Units


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  • Embassy Suites


  • Sarah Pickard


  • Integrated AC Power
  • Metal Finish - Brushed Nickel
  • Table Top - Quartz
  • Upholstery - Fabric
  • veneer - Walnut
  • Wood Species - Hevea