Manufacturing Standards


• All exposed furniture parts are solid hardwood. Birch, Ash, Cherry, or other select hardwoods are typically used. Other woods may be specified, as most US wood species are available.

• Vertical surfaces are veneered over ¾” plywood or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). All veneers are hand selected for uniformity of color and grain, and matched at the factory.

• Internal furniture parts such as corner blocks or supports are Poplar, Pine or other selected hardwoods. Mouldings are solid hardwood.


• All wood is dried to a moisture content of 9% to 13% depending upon wood species.


• Working surfaces are typically high pressure laminate (HPL), unless otherwise specified. We accept laminate specifications from all US suppliers including Wilsonart™, Formica™, Laminart™, Nevamar™ and Pionite™.

• Many alternative top surfaces such as stone, glass, hand-hewn solid wood, and our new, lightweight ClearTek™ are also available.


• Drawer sides are French dovetailed into the drawer face and back corners are English dovetailed.

• All drawer sides, fronts, and backs are ½” x 9 ply veneer with a plywood or hardboard drawer bottom.

• The drawer bottom is reinforced with wood corner braces at all 4 corners, and additional drawer tracks are installed on larger drawers to ensure smooth drawer operation.

• Drawer glides are heavy-duty 80lb., full-extension, ball bearing glides with a black powder coat. Side mounted.

• Drawer interiors are fully sanded, stained and finished smooth.


• Cases are constructed using corner braces and glue, dowels, nails and screws, where necessary. Mortise and tenon construction at all panel joints is customary.

• Panel material is high quality medium density fiberboard (MDF) or plywood core. Veneers are applied as a book match or slip match, on case fronts.

• Working top surfaces are high pressure laminate (HPL) with solid hardwood edges, unless otherwise specified.

• Exposed solid parts are premium grade hardwood. Loose knots and worm holes, season cracks, uncharacteristic mineral streaks and any other defect that affects the structural integrity are not permitted.

• Backs are routinely recessed for electrical cords. Backs are attached using screws or inserted into side panel dado.

• Load bearing surfaces are reinforced to prevent warping where necessary.

• Case bottoms are protected with hardwood runners, nylon glides and are fully sealed against moisture penetration.


• Our manufacturing facilities fabricate a wide range of metal products from cut-and-weld steel to forged iron. We offer plated, powder coated, hammered and durable patina finishes, specifically designed for contract use.


• Classic wood joinery techniques such as English Dovetailing, Mortise and Tenon, and Locking Miter Joints, are customary for maximum case strength and durability.

• Metal weld locations are sanded and finished smooth; metal edges and corners are free from any sharp surfaces.

• Drawers are custom fitted to ensure smooth operation. Drawers are carefully aligned, with a case clearance of 2 to 4 mm. Drawer interiors are sanded smooth, stained and finished.

• All exposed wood parts are inspected for cross sanding, blade marks, nicks or other defects before finishing.

• All hardware, including hinges, pulls, latches and glides are properly fitted and inspected, securely fastened forshipment. Drawer pulls are often mounted backwards, inside the drawer, to protect the furniture during transit.

• Mitered corners are square, flush, tight and well glued.


• All furniture is finished with a double coat Catalyzed Lacquer (NC) or Polyurethane (PU) sealer as specified by the customer.

• Wood surfaces are properly sanded, pre-stained and sealed where necessary prior to the color stain process.

• Multiple color stains are applied uniformly, avoiding “blow-by” shadows and voids, including case interior parts and inside drawer boxes.

• Polyurethane finishing is applied in a dust-free environment, insuring a satin smooth finish. For most commercial furniture applications, we recommend Polyurethane finishing for superior moisture and chemical protection.

• Other specialty finish processes are utilized including our ClearTek™ Polyester (PE) premium hard surface finish.