Frequently Asked Questions

What is your normal lead time?

Although our lead time does vary, we typically deliver product 12 to 14 weeks after the receipt of the purchase order and the deposit. There are factors that affect the delivery in this time frame, such as timely receipt of c.o.m. materials, holidays, and changes to the order after placement. We also offer a quick-ship service for specified product that we can deliver in 8-10 weeks. Please ask for further information on this program if you need product quickly.

Where is your product manufactured?

Our primary facilities, with whom we have had a longstanding relationship, are in Southern Vietnam. Each of our factories specialize in certain furniture categories, such as wood seating, metal products, outdoor furniture, and case goods. This allows us to provide high quality product in each category, and lowers the cost on the products we provide. We operate in partnership with these factories, using our own personnel whom are in attendance through the manufacturing process to perform the quality control. In certain time sensitive situations, we have partnerships with US domestic manufacturers who are able to provide certain product when needed.

Are your products manufactured in compliance with US environmental standards?

Yes. John Ralph partners with factories that are regularly shipping into North America, Australia and Europe. European standards are typically more restrictive than the US, and normally we will exceed the US standards for materials and finishing properties. In addition, we consider the people making our products part of our organization, and we actively monitor the working conditions, pay and safety standards of the employees. See our Certifications and Sustainability page for more information.

What happens when we receive product that is freight damaged?

John Ralph promises the product will be delivered in good order, and we will handle any necessary freight related problems in a timely manner. We realize that the furniture is the last item to be installed, and normally guests will be arriving soon after installation. Although freight damage is rare, due to our packaging standards, it occurs on occasion. Normally the damage is minor, and can be repaired at site by one of our personnel, however, in the event that the product must be replaced, we will do our best to provide the new product at no expense in a timely manner. We also provide a touch-up repair person that will visit your property to handle any damage that may have happened in the off-loading or room installation.

What is your warranty?

John Ralph warrants our product for a period of 5 years, and guarantees that the product will be repaired or replaced at our expense in the event of a manufacturing failure. We have years of experience in custom engineering products for commercial use and we test products for stability, strength and moisture/chemical resistance before we apply our name. See our 5 Year Limited Warranty page for more information.

How long have you been in business?

John Ralph was created to specifically address the custom needs of resorts and retirement facilities in 2013.  The company personnel have been in the commercial furniture manufacturing business for many years, and have developed a unique ability to supply small and large quantities of custom made furniture, including seating, case goods, dining and occasional furnishings in solid wood and metal.  We differ from other hospitality furniture manufacturers in that there are no minimum requirements with virtually unlimited design options.

Do you use particle board in your products?

In our view, particle board has limited application and suitability in a contract hospitality furniture product which typically requires more strength, durability, and repairability than it is able to afford. For this reason, we do not use or recommend it for the commercial guestroom at all. MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) is a much denser, stronger, higher-quality, and often greener product that is very appropriate for various contract furniture applications. We make use of some MDF components because it frequently provides advantages over plywood or other solid wood choices (such as resistance to warping).