Resort Furniture with POWER!

Accessible power in most hotel and resort guestrooms is in high demand. Whether it’s a cell phone or tablet eReader, a small laptop or iPod, most individuals carry more than one electronic device when they travel, and when the family takes a vacation to their resort ownership property, power outlets to charge all the electronics are few and in inconvenient locations.

A great way to solve this problem is to integrate power outlets and USB charging stations directly into the guestroom furniture. Installing power where guests want it: at the nightstand, dresser, entry console table or buffet, adds very little to the cost of the furniture but adds great convenience.

Guests can avoid the hassle of incompatible docking stations, which are seldom used, with universal AC outlets and USB charging ports.

There are many power configurations available to suit any property’s needs, from double outlets to full network connectivity, which is a must at any desk. All power supplies are UL approved and come with a ten foot cord for easy on-site installation.

When you order custom case goods from John Ralph, make sure they come with POWER!